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StemCello Revitalizing is a biotech cosmeceutical brand that has several effects for the skin such as anti-wrinkle, cell revitalization, and cell rejuvenation. It has been specifically formulated as multi-layered liposome to allow EMortal™ to activate, preserve and protect skin stem cells.

StemCello Revitalizing protects longevity and combats chronological aging while delaying senescence of skin cells. It also protects and preserves the youthful look and vitality of your skin. StemCello Revitalizing has been clinically shown to dramatically reduce the appearance of both deep and superficial wrinkles, as well as skin discoloration associated with photo-aging.


  • - Anti-aging / Anti-wrinkle
  • - Revitalization
  • - Skin Whitening
  • - Soothing / Moisturizing
  • - Acne care

Main Ingredients

Stem Cell Activator: EMortal™

Originated from green pea which has been selected from five hundred kinds of natural resources grown in Jeju Island. It activates the stem cells of aged skin and strengthens skin elasticity by vitalizing the skin. The efficacy of EMortal™ has been dermatologically tested by clinical trial institutes.

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