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Natural Multiple Liposome Cosmetics, the potential of SkinCure has been discovered in Vietnam.
Date : 2013-11-11
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  SkinCure, Inc., a natural cosmetic company( CEO – Myeong Ok Kim ), operating the cGMP certified factory located in Jeju, the cleanest area in Korea, attended “Cosmobeaute Vietnam 2013”, the exhibition held at SAIGON EXHIBITION & CONVENTION CENTER in Ho Chi Minh City from 11th to 13th April 2013. Total of 19 countries, 150 companies and about 8,500 visitors participated in this exhibition. Since 2008, Cosmobeaute Vietnam has been held annually. And also it is being spotlighted as the up and coming exhibition among the cosmetic companies in the world.

 The exhibits of Cosmobeaute Vietnam 2013 consists of a variety of items such as skin care, make-up, personal hygiene products and beauty salon equipment.

 SkinCure introduced a variety of range of products – SanDaWha with the camellia flower in Jeju, Noste for skin troubles, Stemcello of cutting-edge stem cell cosmetic, and TALS for professional use such as beauty salon and clinic.


 During the exhibition, around 100 companies visited SkinCure. In recent years, exports of Skin Cure to several countries including the United State and Japan have been conducted smoothly, which was appealed positively to keep cooperating of business for next step over 60 Vietnamese companies. It seems certain that they can export in Vietnamese market this year through Cosmobeaute Vietnam 2013.

 “It becomes a good opportunity to understand the situation in the Asian cosmetic market better than before and see the possibility of exports to all over the world including Vietnam.’ Myeong Ok Kim, the CEO of SkinCure, said.

 With participation in Cosmobeaute Vietnam 2013, SkinCure has been planning to expand new business partners in more than 5 countries by attending exhibitions held in Japan, Dubai, Singapore and other 5 countries in sequential schedule. The potentiality of SkinCure to the global market has already been approved by their R&D environment matched with global standard and operating of cGMP certified factory. As they have experienced about variety of information for exports through international beauty exhibitions for several years, SkinCure has been struggling to expand global markets and developing special items to promote a meaningful growth as a global brand.


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