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StemCello and TALS attracted the notice of Middle Easterners at Dubai Derma 2014
Date : 2014-04-28
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StemCello and TALS attracted the notice of Middle Easterners at Dubai Derma 2014

SkinCure, Inc., well-known as skin care products made of camellia flowers from Jeju (CEO Myeong-Ok Kim), attended “Dubai Derma 2014”, one of the biggest exhibitions in the Middle East which ran from 8th to 10th April, 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Dubai Derma, hosted in its 14th edition under the title of "Skin Health is our Concern", held multiple cutting-edge workshops of the field of Botox and Dermal Fillers, and conferences attended by world-renowned dermatologists. This major annual medical event has become a platform for exchange of the latest advances and practices in dermatology by dermatologists, beauticians, manufacturers, and distributors.

Targeting dermatologists, beauticians, and aestheticians in the Gulf and the Middle East, SkinCure introduced Stemcello, the advanced stem cell cosmetics, and TALS, a cosmeceutical brand for aesthetics and clinics. TALS pursues functional skincare products that have a multi-layered capsule structure to enhance skin penetration and absorption of useful substances. The main products of TALS are premium ampoules for aesthetician use (PropaWhite Magic Ampoules, ActiStem Gold Nest Revitalizing Ampoules), spot treatment for skin troubles, and firming creams for wrinkle care, which are all certified by KFDA, Korean Food & Drug Administration, as whitening and anti-aging products.

Skin pigmentation, damaged hair, and hair loss caused by the strong sunlight and desert climate are main concerns of people from the Middle East for a long time. SkinCure has found their needs of items for hair growth and skin whitening at the exhibition. Achieving success in promoting StemCello and TALS, SkinCure has finally contracted with the local agents who will aggressively distribute products of StemCello and TALS anywhere in United Arab Emirates and the GCC.

Myeong-Ok Kim, the CEO of SkinCure, said “Our skin whitening products and hair care products have drawn a huge and enthusiastic response from the public, and some buyers have placed a big order to purchase them at the exhibition.” As well as hair care products of StemCello, the local buyers at Dubai Derma 2014 have showed their interests in TALS products for home care and professional use.

Discovered a lot of potential in the area of the Middle East at Dubai Derma 2014, SkinCure is planning to promote their cutting-edge cosmeceutical technologies via upcoming beauty exhibitions in China, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

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