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"Against the cold, This is how spa feeling goes at home" From New Moon Club
Date : 2020-01-23
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On my last day of wellness I was able to try out some new products.
At the still young online boutique Blanda Beauty - here is the interview with founder Julia - I put together my personal spa set.
What surprised me the most was the camellia oil from the Korean brand SanDaWha, which has only recently become available in Germany.
I use oils almost exclusively for personal hygiene.
I generally don't like it on my face and prefer to use moisturizing creams for my dry skin.
But Julia was so enthusiastic about it that I simply had to try it.
SanDaWha camellia oil is made from camellia seeds from the UNESCO-protected island of Jeju in Korea.
It is a dry oil that is absorbed into the skin particularly quickly.
For me, this is a special benefit because there is no greasy film on the skin that mostly prevents me from using facial oils.


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